Today my eye hurt almost all day.  It filled with tears sometimes, and also became quite bloodshot.  Of course, because the eye system is somehow connected to the nasal system (see Dr. Immasmartbiotype for more details) this also meant I became snivelly and snotty.  Nevertheless, my boss still talked to me — sometimes in close proximity, which means he can’t help but have noticed.  I wondered if people in the office thought I was a cry baby.  On the drive home, which took one hour and twenty three minutes (thank you rush hour traffic!) my eye continued to hurt, and I was leaking tears everywhere.  Upon my return to my abode, I took out my contact lenses.  This ammeliorated things somewhat.

After dinner, I walked along the Lachine Canal (I am addicted to this canal) and then along rue Notre Dame, finally veering north up rue Guy and to downtown and to this computer lab, where I sit typing this.  During the walk, the weather turned from light and partly cloudly, to dusk and rainy, to night-time and windy.  Huge maple leaves, the residue of last year, swirled around, as did bits of airborne garbage.  I saw a couple of flashes of lightning, but I heard no thunder.  The lights in all the quiet apartment buildings were yellow and cosy; people were sitting at the dinner table, or watching TV, or on their computers.  Very few people were outside.  Small wonder, with the gusts intense enough to turn my umbrella inside out.

All this as exciting and beautiful as it was, my eye still kinda hurts.



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