It is a sensible idea to always have at least a little bit of money kicking around. How much is enough? Well, I’d say at least five dollars is a good start. How much is too much? I’d say anything over $200,000 a year is getting excessive. There should probably be a law against taking home any more money than that. Where are you going to find room for it all? If I became prime minister, I would impose a maximum salary of $200,000 per year. Anything above that would have to go to worthy causes.

Yesterday I found out I will be earning a little more money. So as you can see, I have money on my mind. After work, I went home and found a cheque from the govenment for $50. This unexpected bonus made me quite happy, so I went out to a cafe with Teena and Denis. There I proceeded to drink two and a bit glasses of sangria, and ate a wholesome dessert. I ordered the Anna Nicole Split, but there was no Anna Nicole left, apparently, on account of a shortage of the required fruit (bananas). So I had to settle for a James Brown. That’s OK, the James Brown was almost as good as Anna Nicole would have been

See the marvellous things money can procure.

By the way, I am ashamed of Stephen Harper today. It’s not for the first (or the last time) either. Harper thinks it’s A-OK to leave accused Canadian terrorist Khadr languishing in Gitmo indefinitely, despite ample evidence that the kid is being treated abominably. I think Harper is doing this in order to try and prove to everyone, especially macho Albertans, how manly he is. Well, Steve-O, I’m not fooled! I don’t think you’re manly in the slightest. Only the biggest coward believes in bullying people who are defenceless. I don’t care if they committed a crime or not.

I know my opinion is not going to change Stephen Harper’s ideas about anything, but I do feel better getting that off my chest.

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