My washing machine sounds like the artillery brigade of a small army, hammering away at the enemy lines. The floor vibrates, the bullet sounds reverberate off the walls; for twenty minutes, it sounds like a war zone in here. This is my office. This is now where I do all my work. It is a strange new form of life. I go from answering work emails to doing the dishes, from answering work phone calls to folding T-shirts and boxer shorts. I’m writing to any Montreal contacts who might have even a tenuous connection to opportunities for me. I’m working on edits to Blind Spot, because that’s got to arrive in my agent’s hands in the next week or so. All these weirdly unconnected things have happened between the hours of nine and twelve. For now, I still have only one freelance client, but nevertheless, I feel A-OK. When I compare this to the time when I last had neither a job or school to go to (in mid-2005) this feels ten times better. I’m just a hustler, for now, but there is nothing else I’d rather do. There is a big difference between going on unemployment and deliberately seeking to make your own destiny.

By the way, if anyone is thinking of buying Altec Lansing speakers for their computer, the model that Future Shop is currently selling for $100, strongly reconsider. Sure, the speakers belt it out like nobody’s business — music sounds good. But what doesn’t sound so good is the incessant hum emanating from the sub woofer whenever there is a moment’s silence. There is no way of eliminating the hum. I tried everything, and then I researched the product online. Everybody has this problem, apparently. So I’m going to be returning my speakers and finding something better.

And no, I am not seeking a career in writing consumer reports. Although I’d be open to doing restaurant reviews.

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