Waiting until your best buddy is in town is a good idea. Then plug in the Beer Fridge — a fridge that waits patiently for weeks and weeks for an event such as this, and lives only for the thrill of being inhabited by alchoholic beverages. Prepare some food — something to warm the crowd on a cold autumn night. Chili is a good idea. Welcome each guest with a hug, and in the case of your wonderful girlfriend, a long kiss on the lips.

Press play on the CD player. Crack a joke. Laugh, mingle, get drunk, pass out at 3:30 in the morning! Success!

In other events in the last few days, I indulged fully in Pop Montreal — with help from Matt and Monika. Saw The Dears and The World Provider on Thursday night. The former was sabotaged by poor sound, the latter — which was only the opening act — saved the night. Their merry antics made me laugh harder than almost any comedy show on TV. I highly recommend The World Provider for music lovers who are tired of the apathetic sulk feigned by most hipster bands.

Saturday night, despite the lingering effects of my hangover (I had five bowel movements in one day — FIVE!) Matt and I went to see a gig at Sala Rosa. I forget the name of the first band. But they were good. Then the next two bands were downright brilliant! AU was a two-piece driven by mad drumming and complex keyboard melodies. The Dodos were equally strong percussively — maybe even more so — and can boast one of the best guitarists in indie rock today. Having either one of The Dodos or AU on a setlist would be quite the coup, but having both… Well, nothing short of an amazing evening.

Last night I slept for twelve hours straight, recovering from it all. Now it’s back to the grindstone and wondering why holidays can’t last forever. At the very least, the weather is ensuring my spirits can’t sink too low. It’s a sunny, mild day, and the leaves are brilliantly illuminated. Will be nice to go down to Little Burgundy for my final interview of the article I’m doing, as well as fire off a few photos to go along with it.

I think autumn is my favourite season of all. When it’s beautiful here, it’s really really beautiful, and nothing makes me feel more alive than the smell of decay.

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