How often do attractive airline stewards have sex with other attractive airline stewards?
Man there are some really clumsy sentences in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
How important is plausibility in fiction?
How successful will I be financially in 2014?
There are more people travelling with small dogs today than I ever would have expected. That girl over there is feeding her terrier a pill.
It is minus 20 in Edmonton. I have been breathing the same recycled air for nine hours. But this is nothing in comparison to Edward Snowden’s stint in the Moscow airport. Has anyone ever spent longer in an airport than him?
Do most people think the world is getting better or getting worse? How much does the answer matter to one’s day-to-day happiness?
Will I be less anxious in 2014 than in 2013?
Does anyone buy porn mags anymore? Does anyone buy porn mags from airport newsstands?
Some people are very ugly and have menial jobs but nevertheless appear outwardly happy.
Most flights out of Edmonton are to other Canadian cities. The exceptions today are Newark, New Jersey, London, England, and several Mexico resorts.
What is the function of writing that no one ever sees except for the writer?
Do I write to try and seem clever to other people? When I am writing, am I honest, even with myself?
Has anyone yet invented glasses that will allow you to see through other people’s clothes?
I will be boarding soon. What is the meaning of today? Was it a day spent simply traveling or did something more meaningful occur? Why do I seek meaning? Why do I struggle to live just for today?
I often think of Jack Nicholson’s line in that film when he walks into a waiting room of therapy patients and says, “What if this is as good as it gets?”
I am no longer very interested in epiphanies as a narrative construction.
I am not sure what the purpose of narrative is in life, except it just seems like a necessity, like eating or defecating. No one lives without stories, do they?