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Besides the dream of publishing a book one day, I can’t think of any bigger dream of mine than Villeray Communications – ou si vous parlez français, Communications Villeray. The website is up already. Later this week, it will be available in both of Canada’s official languages. Nowadays, a website is about the same as having a storefront, and a sign saying “Open.” In our case, it might be true to say that a website means more than having a storefront because it’s proof that we can pull off one of our core services: making websites! Kudos to my business partner Matt Gardner for making it a beautiful one.

Villeray Communications: we are friends to rabbits and other animals

Friends to rabbits and other animals

Villeray Communications had a gestation period of about five months. The name was first registered with the Québec government last November. But conceptually, the idea is much older than that. Matt’s had his own freelance business for several years now. And me, I’ve wanted to work independently for just as long. This is the first opportunity that came along that made sense.

Villeray Communications already has a handful of clients, and we’re lucky that they’re all highly creative and talented people in their own right. Over the next few months, more websites will be popping up under our name, I’m sure. Not to mention lots of other interesting projects, because we’re not just about websites! It’ll be worth while checking out the website, Facebook page, and Twitter account every now and then. (I won’t often be discussing business here.)

What appeals most to me about business is doing things in a way that seems right. Too often, both as an employee or as a customer, your hands are tied. You say to yourself, “There’s a better method for doing that,” or “I could provide better service than that,” but without a vehicle to achieve those higher standards, you’re left adrift and frustrated. Finally, for us, empowerment is at hand.

There are bound to be some hiccups along the way, but hopefully, with practice, perseverance, and patience, we’ll achieve results that will make us proud.


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