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Just a brief and idle speculation today – what if the English-speaking world actually listened to foreign-language music as much as the rest of the world listens to English-speaking music? Before moving to Québec, I never gave much thought to the hegemony of the English language, and especially not in the realm of music. But now I realize that English created a rather airless vacuum between me and the outside world, cutting me off from amazing musicians like Malajube, Karka, Stefie Shock, Arianne Moffatt, Gatineau, I could go on and on. I resent it. I have no idea why radio stations from coast to coast will play Nickelback but they won’t play Malajube. Do English-speakers really get that freaked out by the sound of a language they might not understand?

With Michael Jackson obviously established as a global phenomenon, it raises the question, when will Manu Chao become a truly global phenomenon?


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