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What is it like being away from the one you love? Well, it’s like hell sometimes. The part that has surprised me the most about a year’s separation from my girlfriend is that the experience has become harder, not easier. The first few months seemed like a breeze. I think the excitement of being in Montreal took the edge off my loneliness. And meeting so many new people, and taking part in so many new projects… it helped take my mind of it all. But increasingly, especially on these hot, summer days, I want nothing more than to share the delight of every day life with someone special. It also works a real number on the old self esteem, being alone. I had forgotten until recently how much I need someone else to affirm who I am.

The number one kick in the pants to someone in my situation? Other couples. There they are, holding hands in the park, laughing on the Metro, kissing one another at the side of the road. Horrible people tormenting me! Woe betide them all!

Long distance relationships are not to be undertaken lightly. Thank God the distance will be reduced to zero in three weeks.

Tonight I’ve got to pack up my belongings and get ready for my move. There’s an awful empty feeling about having your life in boxes; your old place is just memories, the new place is too new to be a home.

Whine, whine, whine, eh? What a crybaby I am today! I should shut the hell up!

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