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I’d say this is a pretty accurate summary of all that ails the Federal Liberal Party. I rarely read Maclean’s, but this time, Andrew Coyne’s article made me glad I did.

It really is a head-scratcher that a political party can be so “listless” as Coyne puts it, especially in light of all the exciting and radical new ideas that are surely merited right now. Canada needs a radical new economic plan that will completely curb and reverse our dependency on fossil fuels. We need to totally re-orient our foreign policy so we are no longer America’s little imperial buddy. We need massive decentralization – not to the provinces – but to cities and rural municipalities, so that citizens are empowered to tackle their local problems. We need a massive clean-up of corruption, which is endemic – especially in Quebec. We need to chart an alternative to economic growth, because left untended, growth — ironically — will shrink human civilization out of recognizable existence within our lifetimes.

At least that’s what I think!

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