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For a film I watched only reluctantly, and reviewed with even more reluctance (I’m honest here, despite my apparently gleeful attack on the film, I debated with myself for hours before writing anything, because I hate to be publicly negative about projects that others have clearly poured effort into) RiP! A Remix Manifesto has furnished me with some great conversation this week, both at the National Film Board of Canada (where I’ve been working) as well as online. Ezra Winton’s response at Art Threat is thorough-going and articulate and because I still hold to pretty much all my original arguments, I’d like to continue to debate with him in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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  • Pro-Russian militia killed in attempt to storm Ukrainian military base April 17, 2014
    Three separatists are killed and 13 injured as they attack base in Mariupol on Sea of Azov in south-east of countryFollow the latest developments in our live blogThree pro-Russian militia were killed and 13 injured in clashes with Ukrainian troops in the south-east city of Mariupol on Wednesday night, according to Ukraine's interior ministry.Interior mi […]
    Agence France-Press in Kiev
  • South Korean ferry: poor conditions hamper search for sinking survivors April 17, 2014
    Nine confirmed dead as families of almost 300 missing passengers vent anger at authoritiesStrong currents and bad visibility have hampered rescuers in the search for 287 passengers missing more than 24 hours after their ferry capsized off the southern coast of South Korea, as furious families waited for news. Continue reading...
    Associated Press in Mokpo, South Korea
  • One in 16 patients in NHS hospitals picks up infection, warns watchdog April 17, 2014
    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence describes the rate of infections in hospitals as 'unacceptably high'One in every 16 people treated at an NHS hospital fall ill with an infection, according to a government health agency report. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said the rate of infections, which are a […]
    Conal Urquhart and agencies

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