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I’d like to officially and  subjectively declare that today was the first day of spring in Montreal. And in a few short weeks, we’ll be seeing this again:

Tam Tams in Montreal. Get it on, bang a gong.

What a relief that will be! But even prior to the beloved tams tams taking centre stage under the mountain, there have been ample signs of our rehearsals for summer.

Montrealers warming themselves in the sun like lizards.

Joggers in shorts.

Couples kissing outdoors without having to rush or shiver under the hoods of their parkas.

Drinking on terrasses, or for the more informal among us, drinking out of a beer bottle scarcely concealed by a white plastic bag whilst watching rush hour traffic go by from outside a depanneur on Parc.

Today, when people were speaking of Spring, it’s like they truly considered it a reality. After all, it’s been days of this now. Sometimes chilly, sometimes not, but almost always sunny and steadily headed in the right direction. If it snows  or the cold snaps now, we won’t feel so hard bitten. Because we all know that winter is spent. At this point, any return of sub-zero would be the last punch from a fighter who is going down.


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