The plight of independent book stores was dire for over a decade. They struggled to compete against big box stores like Indigo and Chapter’s, and the ruthless Amazon machine didn’t do them any favours either, selling books at a loss and paying little to no taxes in most jurisdictions where they operate. But independent book stores are still around! The massive cull has ended, it would appear, and the hardy operators that survive are in it for all the right reasons: because they love books, not money, because they love to be part of local literary communities, because they help forge social connections between customers and authors.

The inaugural Authors for Indies day in Canada is May 2. It’s been a great pride and joy for me to be helping organize and promote some local activities here in Montreal. I will be at Argo Books from 11am to 2pm and then at Librairie Clio from 3pm to 5pm. I was interviewed about this event, along with Heather O’Neill, by the Montreal Gazette, and the Rover Arts talked to Janie Chang, the national organizer and founder of the event, as well as JP Karwacki at Argo, and again, yours truly for this great article.

It’s time to talk books, buys books, enjoy books!

This is the poster Chalsley Taylor of carte blanche made for the Argo event. Exciting times!

Argo Books
[Top photo: Argo Books, Ste. Catherine]