“A tale told with ferocious honesty. A sharply-polished gem, glittering with lights both lovely and cruel.”—THOMAS WHARTON, author of Icefields and Salamander

“Gritty and pretty, mournful and light, and all-around unforgettable.” —TODD BABIAK, author of Come Barbarians

Blind Spot is the memorable story of a minor failure, made all the more powerful by its honesty and restraint.” ALEX GOOD, Quill and Quire

“a breath of fresh air…” IAN MCGILLIS, Montreal Gazette.

“Like any good car crash, Blind Spot is a disturbing experience … but you can’t look away.” Read the North.

Blind Spot was published by NeWest Press in September 2014 and stayed on the Edmonton Journal bestseller list for five weeks.

Publisher’s summary: When his parents’ car is hit by a train, Luke, a failed actor, returns to his Edmonton hometown to attend their funeral, wrap up their affairs, and prepare their house to be sold off. But while all others around him grieve, Luke remains detached, striking up a relationship with a woman in a neighbouring house… and stumbling across evidence that his mother may have engaged in a longstanding extramarital affair herself.

In Blind Spot, debut novelist Laurence Miall crafts an unforgettable literary antihero, a man disconnected from the pain of those around him, yet blind to his own faults. With his clean, forceful language and his familiarity with the darker corners of the male psyche, Miall emerges as a gripping storyteller in the tradition of Tobias Wolff and Andre Dubus III.