“The City of Magnitogorsk” (short story). Cosmonauts Avenue, January 2015.

“A New Car (short story). Ingenious #yegwords coffee-sleeve project.

Blind Spot: NeWest Press, 2014.

Imagining a World Without Oil: An interview with James Howard Kunstler, author, and former writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, in which humanity’s rather bleak energy prospects are explored. the warehouse

Being a Trudeau in Papineau: An interview with Justin Trudeau from 2009, a few months after he was elected as the MP for Papineau. the warehouse

Through Alberta Eyes: My friend Cyrus Lewis and I explore the many political differences between our former home of Alberta and our new home of Montreal, Quebec, with an election mere weeks away. The Edmonton Journal

The Revival of Little Burgundy: One of Montreal’s historic gems, an up-and-coming neighbourhood where good food, wine, spirits and revelry can be found in satisfying quantities. the warehouse

Indies in Trouble: The changing music industry and its impact on record sales. I talked to NinjaTune North America’s co-found, Phil Klein. Edmonton Journal.

Blind Date: Some friends and I visited Montreal’s O Noir restaurant, where food lovers eat in pitch blackness and are served by blind waiters. Edmonton Journal.

Face-to-Facebook: I reported on a valiant attempt to make everyone leave Facebook for an afternoon and enjoy a picnic in the park instead. This one made the Edmonton Journal’s front page. Edmonton Journal.

Fine-tuning the eco mix: An afternoon of gardening with a difference — all the plants are native to Alberta and require no pesticides, fertilizer or watering. Edmonton Journal.

The Urban Explorer: Dabbling in a little psychogeography, I walked from Old Strathcona to South Edmonton Common. Fun? Not entirely. Edmonton Journal.

Whyte Nights: In the wake of several violent incidents on Edmonton’s main party strip, I went to a few clubs and bars to get the feel of the place. Edmonton Journal.

Road to Recovery : Find out about a unique drug treatment camp in the Alberta Rockies. Inside AADAC.

Meet the Man, The Minister of Education: I interviewed Alberta’s Minister of Education and got an unexpected golf lesson in the process. ATA News.